About OCPD – Overview

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  1. Northern_Guy says:

    My mother is:

    Controlling, over-protective, socially isolated, socially akward / says inappropriate things, always right, feels the world would run better if people would “just do things her way” or “just leave her alone”. She is a hoarder. She is hyper controlling and hyper anxious and often just plain hyper. She is very reactionary, almost volatile. She manipulates conversations and interrupts when other people are on the phone. She has OCD as well. She will only attend social events, family dinners, etc. after exhausting and detailed information “sessions” are held to ensure she will be comfortable with the arrival and departure time, the food served, and the people present and even tries to limit or “fence in” the nature of the visit, or limit it’s “scope”. She is obsessed with other people when in public and almost seems to think that if nobody else was in public, just her, she would be more comfortable. She actually seems *put off* that other people are in the same restaurant she regularly visits. She is exhausting to try and work with on anything. She is meddlesome and tries to fix problems in very frustrating and roundabout ways or ways that are completely irrelevant or needlessly exhaustive.

    There is one word to describe this person.


    And having grown up in this environment, I have it too. I never thought I was as bad as her but in so many ways OCPD completely invades every part of my life, and is likey responsible for my failed marriage and lackluster career.

    It sucks.

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