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In the effort to completely control their lives, OCPD sufferers also extend that to controlling their emotions. Most sufferers will suppress their emotions, because in their eyes showing emotion is seen as a sign of weakness. In life, the way people express themselves is through emotion, and as is with life, this can sometimes lead to rejection – something many sufferers reel at the thought of.

Because of this suppression it may often seem that people with OCPD are cold and heartless, or have a “deadpan” personality. This isn’t really the case, however it will usually take a very close relationship to really see the true hidden feelings of a sufferer.


Anger is one of the most primal emotions the human species has, and it’s one that some OCPD sufferers will find hard to suppress. Instead, many sufferers may anger extremely quickly – sometimes at the flick of a switch.

When a sufferer does get angry, this will sometimes lead to a prolonged period of being in a bad mood – depending on how angry the sufferer is.


Because of the “deadpan” nature of some OCPD sufferer’s, it is often hard to tell when a sufferer is being funny or serious – many times people will take offense at something they say when the real intention was to be humorous.


Depression in OCPD sufferers lives is something that can be quite common. There are two main reason, being: An in-ability to live up to their own high standards, or being rejected or labeled as something that the sufferer feels is detriment to their character.

Sufferers will rarely let anyone else see their depression, it’s controlled in such a way that to the outside world they may seem very happy or content, yet inside they may be dealing with massive inner turmoil.

OCPD sufferers often set very rigid rules for themselves (and others), and if they fail in some way on their own rule set, they feel like they are not living up to their own high standards.

The second reason – suffering detriment to their character, could be something simple like being labeled as someone who is often late to work, or it could be because of something more severe such as being fired from a job due to not performing well.

Because of sufferers rigid morals, there is no flexibility in their life. If something happens like in the above two reasons, it’s as if they have failed themselves – failed to control their lives, failed to keep their lives in order, and failed perfection. Failure just isn’t an option for an OCPD sufferer, but if and when they do fail something (And with such high standards it’s often just a matter of time), the sufferer will often become very depressed.

When a sufferer becomes stressed, it’s not uncommon for their character traits to take on a whole new level of extremes – if they become angry for example, they may take to completely cleaning the home and putting everything in it’s “proper place”.

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